"Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us."
                 Earl Nightingale

Open for Business

Dinx Design is a small freelance graphic design company.

We commit to offering our clients the best possible service.
Our mission is add value and have clients leave feeling satisfied, motivated and inspired by our graphic presentation of their business. We aim to give clients focused and personal attention.
My personal passion is creativity and adding value to the lives of others.
Nothing tells a story better than a picture.
Whether they are informative, selling something or simply there for us to enjoy, pictures speak to our imagination in a way that nothing else does.

Art is for me like taking a piece of life and capturing it in a bottle to share with others.
Our lives are enriched by the beautiful things that are around us, we just need to be reminded that they are there.

                       Dianne Biewenga
Owner and Designer